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usal, at such a moment, ●to leave England.And gladly would she hav▓e remained in one spot, hoping, believing on; ▓but her mother needed constant ch▓ange, and they h

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ad gone from place to place, tha●t perhaps, even if he had written, no letter▓ could have reached her.Three years had passe●d; and if the hope to pro

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ve her truth st▓ill lingered, the expectation had indeed long go▓ne.And so Laura’s early youth had passed, with● not one flower cast upon it



save those her▓ own sweet disposition gave.Miss● Brown’s establishment was not, indee▓d, a congenial home; but she had her● own room, her own pursuits; and though oft▓en yearning—how intensely!—for sympath

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l and contented.She could not lo●ve the Miss Browns,

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et●ted their eccentricities; and so found some ●good

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point to dilate on when oth▓ers quizzed and laughed

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re. “What is the cause of all th●is unusual confu

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sion and exc▓itement, Isabel” inquired Laura one mor

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d this, her lover, i▓n all the jealous irritation o
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